View Full Version : Weird Firefox Flash and Totem Movie player behavior

8th August 2008, 04:38 PM
Okay well I got finding the codecs ironed out... I was wondering about this problem I'm having though.

I am using firefox and sometimes a Flash movie appears as a blank gray box (that isnt anything you can even right click so it's not a unloaded movie)
sometimes I can hear the flash movie play but I see nothing and I have to refresh sometimes to make it show up. I used the RPM off of Adobe's website to install flash.

Also Totem movie player has the codecs to play the movies but when it tries to stream in a webpage it just sits there like it's buffering then it starts playing for 10 seconds (no movie displaying, just silence) and then stops.. does anybody know what's causing this problem and why it wont stream properly?

I really appreciate anybody who helps and thank you.