View Full Version : user installed rpm

23rd July 2004, 12:42 PM
is there any way to install a rpm under user?

23rd July 2004, 04:34 PM
Could you clarify this? Do you mean install the RPM program in the /usr directories or are you inquiring if you can install an RPM as a non-root user?

For the latter, the answer is: kind of. You can change the RPM programs to "suid root" (man chmod), but that's a huge potential security breach. That's practically an open invitation to a "cracker" (no relation) to install a rootkit as an RPM then erase the fact that it was installed, thereby completely compromising your system.

Another option is to add the user in question to the "sudoers" list (man sudo). For example, I've added my user ("crackers" - what a surprise!) to the "wheel" group and used visudo to uncomment the line that gives members of group "wheel" full root access without requiring a password. Not quite as much a security hole, but it's still pretty dangerous...

24th July 2004, 02:02 AM
you mean installing RPM package under user context (opposite to system context) - of course you can do that... but you'll have to set up additional rpm database and root directory under your users dir... it can be done. ppl do this to achieve a clean build envirement. check repositories documents (f.e. from Dag or FreshRPMS) for hints... but it is generally intended for package building/testing not for running ordinary system this way... you probably just want to allow ordinary users to install packages in system context? sudo is your friend then.