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31st July 2008, 07:38 AM
I have problem with updating FC9, after command:

yum update

I can see:

Downloading Packages:
Running rpm_check_debug
ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
perl is needed by (installed) perl-version-0.74-32.fc10.i386
perl is needed by (installed) perl-version-0.74-32.fc10.i386
perl is needed by (installed) perl-Pod-Escapes-1.04-32.fc10.i386
perl is needed by (installed) perl-Pod-Escapes-1.04-32.fc10.i386

What I am supposed to do?

31st July 2008, 07:41 AM
Looks like you've enabled the Development repo. Unless you want to beta (alpha) test Rawhide, and file bug reports, that's a no-no! disable it and try again... unless it's too late and you already have a mixed F9/F10 system..


31st July 2008, 07:48 AM
I have checked out and I am sure that I have not enabled that repo.

Is that any way to downgrade perl or should I install FC9 again?

31st July 2008, 07:56 AM
I have checked out and I am sure that I have not enabled that repo.

Is that any way to downgrade perl or should I install FC9 again?
Some how you have packages installed that are not from the standard Fedora repo?

# yum list | grep perl-version
perl-version.x86_64 3:0.74-31.fc9 installed
perl-version.x86_64 3:0.74-31.fc9 updates
You either have the repos that Wayne indicated enabled or you did at one time and installed the following.

perl is needed by (installed) perl-version-0.74-32.fc10.i386
perl is needed by (installed) perl-Pod-Escapes-1.04-32.fc10.i386

Can you post the output of

rpm -aq | grep perl-version
rpm -aq | grep perl-Pod-Escapes


31st July 2008, 08:45 AM
If you don't believe anyone telling you about other repos enabled unexpected, you are welcome to try:

su -
yum repolist

Show us that result.

If it shows you are using the Fedora 10 stuff.
Can you provide, just to see how much is fc10 installed:

su -
rpm -qa | grep fc10

31st July 2008, 09:06 AM
I have checked some commands I have been told. That's results:

[root@deathstar ~]# yum list | grep perl-version
perl-version.i386 3:0.74-32.fc10 installed

root@deathstar ~]# rpm -qa | grep fc10

[root@deathstar ~]# yum repolist
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
repo id repo name status
adobe-linux-i386 Adobe Systems Incorporated enabled
fedora Fedora 9 - i386 enabled
livna Livna for Fedora Core 9 - i386 - Base enabled
updates Fedora 9 - i386 - Updates enabled

I don't want to waste time to convince you guys because I am almost newbie, but I would like to get the solution anyhow.

31st July 2008, 09:11 AM
I don't want to waste time to convince you guys because I am almost newbie, but I would like to get the solution anyhow.
You don't have to waste time "convincing" us. :)

Have you at least looked at the output of

su -
rpm -qa | grep fc10


31st July 2008, 09:17 AM
Your repolist doesn't show fedora rawhide enable so how did you get that fc10 in there?
Nevermind, just try this:

su -
yum clean all
yum makecache
rpm --rebuilddb
yum remove perl-version-0.74-32.fc10.i386
yum remove perl-Pod-Escapes-1.04-32.fc10.i386
yum update

31st July 2008, 09:23 AM
Don't actually confirm the yum remove yet, would like to see the yum remove result. Just don't run it ok?
Want to may sure its safe to confirm the removal.

31st July 2008, 09:35 AM
OK, I am now at:

yum makecache

31st July 2008, 09:56 AM
It seems to me, that effects of removing perl will be almost equal to reinstalling FC9.

[root@deathstar ~]# yum remove perl-version-0.74-32.fc10.i386
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Setting up Remove Process


Dependencies Resolved

================================================== ===========================
Package Arch Version Repository Size
================================================== ===========================
perl-version i386 3:0.74-32.fc10 installed 35 k
Removing for dependencies:
AcetoneISO2 i386 2.0.2-3.fc9 installed 882 k
CastPodder noarch 5.0-8.fc6 installed 5.6 M
GConf2-devel i386 2.22.0-1.fc9 installed 819 k
ImageMagick i386 installed 13 M
ImageMagick-c++ i386 installed 449 k
ImageMagick-perl i386 installed 659 k
NetworkManager-gnome i386 1:0.7.0-0.9.4.svn3675.fc9 installed 897 k
ORBit2-devel i386 2.14.12-3.fc9 installed 1.2 M
PyQt4 i386 4.3.3-2.fc9 installed 9.8 M
SDL-devel i386 1.2.13-3.fc9 installed 1.4 M
a2ps i386 4.14-5.fc9 installed 3.9 M
abiword i386 1:2.6.3-1.fc9 installed 18 M
agave i386 0.4.2-7.fc9 installed 667 k
alacarte noarch 0.11.5-1.fc9 installed 462 k
ale i386 installed 825 k
amavisd-new noarch 2.5.2-2.fc8 installed 2.1 M
ant i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 5.0 M
ant-antlr i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 34 k
ant-apache-bcel i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 34 k
ant-apache-log4j i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 18 k
ant-apache-oro i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 165 k
ant-apache-regexp i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 19 k
ant-apache-resolver i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 20 k
ant-commons-logging i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 23 k
ant-javamail i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 33 k
ant-jdepend i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 72 k
ant-jsch i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 118 k
ant-junit i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 381 k
ant-nodeps i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 1.6 M
ant-swing i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 35 k
ant-trax i386 1.7.0-1jpp.4.fc9 installed 94 k
antlr i386 2.7.7-1jpp.7.fc9 installed 2.9 M
at-spi i386 1.22.1-1.fc9 installed 683 k
at-spi-devel i386 1.22.1-1.fc9 installed 1.5 M
at-spi-python i386 1.22.1-1.fc9 installed 169 k
atk-devel i386 1.22.0-1.fc9 installed 903 k
audacity-nonfree i386 1.3.4-0.7.20080123cvs.lvn9 installed 14 M
autoconf noarch 2.61-10.fc9 installed 2.1 M
automake noarch 1.10.1-2 installed 1.3 M
automake14 noarch 1.4p6-15.fc7 installed 687 k
automake15 noarch 1.5-23 installed 791 k
automake16 noarch 1.6.3-14 installed 851 k
automake17 noarch 1.7.9-11 installed 1.0 M
awstats noarch 6.8-1.fc9 installed 3.1 M
axis i386 1.2.1-3jpp.8.fc9 installed 6.2 M
banshee i386 1.0.0-1.fc9 installed 8.0 M
bcel i386 5.2-4jpp.2.fc9 installed 15 M
beagle i386 0.3.7-4.fc9 installed 4.7 M
beagle-thunderbird i386 0.3.7-4.fc9 installed 20 k
bluefish i386 1.0.7-4.fc9 installed 6.1 M
bluez-utils-cups i386 3.32-1.fc9 installed 40 k
bsf i386 2.3.0-12jpp.2.fc9 installed 709 k
bsh i386 1.3.0-12jpp.3.fc9 installed 1.6 M
bug-buddy i386 1:2.22.0-2.fc9 installed 2.5 M
cinepaint i386 0.22.1-7.fc9 installed 11 M
cinepaint-libs i386 0.22.1-7.fc9 installed 3.5 M

31st July 2008, 09:59 AM
classpathx-jaf i386 1.0-11jpp.1.fc9 installed 182 k
classpathx-mail i386 1.1.1-5jpp.3 installed 1.9 M
codeina noarch 0.10.1-8.fc9 installed 372 k
compiz-gnome i386 0.7.6-2.fc9 installed 443 k
control-center i386 1: installed 7.9 M
coriander i386 2.0.0-0.7.rc6.fc9 installed 377 k
crypto-utils i386 2.3-10 installed 82 k
cups i386 1:1.3.7-8.fc9 installed 9.9 M
cups-lpd i386 1:1.3.7-8.fc9 installed 26 k
cups-pdf i386 2.4.7-1.fc9 installed 106 k
cvs i386 1.11.22-14.fc9 installed 1.5 M
dasher i386 4.9.0-1.fc9 installed 21 M
dbus-glib-devel i386 0.74-8.fc9 installed 270 k
devede noarch 3.9-1.lvn9 installed 2.7 M
devhelp i386 0.19.1-2.fc9 installed 773 k
digikam i386 0.9.3-2.fc9 installed 23 M
docbook-dtds noarch 1.0-35.fc9 installed 4.4 M
docbook-style-dsssl noarch 1.79-5.fc9 installed 2.2 M
docbook-style-xsl noarch 1.73.2-9.fc9 installed 13 M
docbook-utils noarch 0.6.14-13.fc9 installed 145 k
dvd+rw-tools i386 7.0-11.fc9 installed 266 k
eclipse-cvs-client i386 1:3.3.2-12.fc9 installed 7.2 M
eclipse-ecj i386 1:3.3.2-12.fc9 installed 16 M
eclipse-pde-runtime i386 1:3.3.2-12.fc9 installed 462 k
eclipse-phpeclipse i386 1.2.0-0.2.svn1573.fc9 installed 24 M
eclipse-platform i386 1:3.3.2-12.fc9 installed 55 M
eclipse-rcp i386 1:3.3.2-12.fc9 installed 24 M
eel2 i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 714 k
eel2-devel i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 172 k
elisa noarch 0.3.2-1.fc8 installed 15 M
enscript i386 1.6.4-9.fc9 installed 1.7 M
eog i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 4.4 M
esound-devel i386 1:0.2.38-7.fc9 installed 22 k
evince i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 3.3 M
evince-djvu i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 31 k
evince-dvi i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 137 k
evolution i386 2.22.2-2.fc9 installed 39 M
evolution-bogofilter i386 2.22.2-2.fc9 installed 25 k
evolution-data-server i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 11 M
evolution-data-server-devel i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 1.4 M
evolution-help i386 2.22.2-2.fc9 installed 52 M
evolution-sharp i386 installed 389 k
evolution-spamassassin i386 2.22.2-2.fc9 installed 20 k
evolution-webcal i386 2.21.92-1.fc9 installed 324 k
f-spot i386 0.4.2-5.fc9 installed 7.2 M
fail2ban noarch 0.8.2-14.fc9 installed 386 k
fbset i386 2.1-25.fc9 installed 59 k
fedora-screensaver-theme noarch 1.0.0-1.fc8 installed 18 k
fedorainfinity-screensaver-theme noarch 1.0.0-1.fc8 installed 102 k
file-roller i386 2.22.3-1.fc9 installed 3.5 M
firefox i386 3.0-1.fc9 installed 11 M
firestarter i386 1.0.3-18.fc9 installed 1.3 M
firstboot i386 1.97-1.fc9 installed 612 k
foomatic i386 3.0.2-59.fc9 installed 28 M
gail-devel i386 1.22.1-1.fc9 installed 65 k
gcc-java i386 4.3.0-8 installed 7.1 M
gdm i386 1:2.22.0-8.fc9 installed 6.5 M
gdm-user-switch-applet i386 1:2.22.0-8.fc9 installed 76 k
gedit i386 1:2.22.3-1.fc9 installed 13 M
genisoimage i386 1.1.6-11.fc9 installed 1.3 M
geronimo-specs i386 1.0-1.M2.2jpp.12 installed 531 k
geronimo-specs-compat i386 1.0-1.M2.2jpp.12 installed 0.0
ghex i386 2.22.0-1 installed 2.1 M
ghostscript i386 8.62-4.fc9 installed 27 M
gimp i386 2:2.4.6-1.fc9 installed 38 M
gimp-help noarch 2.4.1-1.fc9 installed 86 M
gkrellm-weather i386 2.0.7-6.fc9 installed 53 k
glade2 i386 2.12.2-2.fc9 installed 4.8 M
glib2-devel i386 2.16.4-1.fc9 installed 9.5 M
glibmm24-devel i386 2.16.2-1.fc9 installed 14 M
glom i386 1.6.17-1.fc9 installed 8.9 M
gnome-applet-tvn24 i386 0.2.8-3.fc9 installed 102 k
gnome-applets i386 1:2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 19 M
gnome-bluetooth i386 0.11.0-3.fc9 installed 475 k
gnome-bluetooth-libs i386 0.11.0-3.fc9 installed 123 k
gnome-commander i386 1.2.6-1.fc9 installed 4.7 M
gnome-desktop i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 2.5 M
gnome-desktop-devel i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 196 k
gnome-doc-utils noarch 0.12.2-1.fc9 installed 1.4 M
gnome-games i386 1: installed 35 M
gnome-keyring-devel i386 2.22.1-1.fc9 installed 433 k
gnome-mag i386 0.15.0-2.fc9 installed 530 k
gnome-media i386 2.22.0-2.fc9 installed 4.8 M
gnome-netstatus i386 2.12.1-4.fc9 installed 1.1 M
gnome-panel i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 12 M
gnome-panel-devel i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 177 k
gnome-panel-libs i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 53 k
gnome-password-generator noarch 1.6-1.fc9 installed 52 k
gnome-phone-manager i386 0.51-1.fc9 installed 568 k
gnome-pilot i386 2.0.16-2.fc9 installed 2.0 M
gnome-pilot-devel i386 2.0.16-2.fc9 installed 170 k
gnome-power-manager i386 2.22.1-1.fc9 installed 9.9 M
gnome-python2 i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 597 k
gnome-python2-applet i386 2.22.0-4.fc9 installed 16 k
gnome-python2-bonobo i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 168 k
gnome-python2-canvas i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 48 k
gnome-python2-desktop i386 2.22.0-4.fc9 installed 257 k
gnome-python2-extras i386 2.19.1-16.fc9 installed 260 k
gnome-python2-gconf i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 74 k
gnome-python2-gnomeprint i386 2.22.0-4.fc9 installed 433 k
gnome-python2-gnomevfs i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 301 k
gnome-python2-gtkhtml2 i386 2.19.1-16.fc9 installed 18 k
gnome-python2-gtksourceview i386 2.22.0-4.fc9 installed 354 k

31st July 2008, 10:01 AM
[CODE] gnome-python2-libegg i386 2.19.1-16.fc9 installed 115 k
gnome-scan i386 0.6-2.fc9 installed 448 k
gnome-schedule noarch 2.0.2-1.fc9 installed 1.8 M
gnome-screensaver i386 2.22.1-1.fc9 installed 3.3 M
gnome-session i386 installed 1.7 M
gnome-settings-daemon i386 installed 1.9 M
gnome-sharp i386 2.16.1-1.fc9 installed 1.7 M
gnome-speech i386 0.4.18-3.fc9 installed 118 k
gnome-spell i386 1.0.8-5.fc9 installed 366 k

[ /CODE]

31st July 2008, 10:03 AM
gnome-subtitles i386 0.8-2.fc9 installed 1.1 M
gnome-terminal i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 9.2 M
gnome-utils i386 1: installed 12 M
gnome-vfs2-devel i386 2.22.0-1.fc9 installed 1.9 M
gnome-volume-manager i386 2.22.0-5.fc9 installed 2.2 M
gnomebaker i386 0.6.2-2.1.fc9 installed 1.9 M
gnomeradio i386 1.7-5.fc9 installed 676 k
gnonlin i386 0.10.9-3.fc9 installed 150 k
gnucash i386 2.2.5-1.fc9 installed 32 M
gnucash-docs noarch 2.2.0-2.fc8 installed 11 M
gnumeric i386 1:1.8.2-2.fc9 installed 31 M
gnumeric-plugins-extras i386 1:1.8.2-2.fc9 installed 77 k
gocr i386 0.45-2.fc9 installed 490 k
goffice i386 0.6.2-1.fc9 installed 3.8 M
goffice04 i386 0.4.3-3.fc9 installed 3.5 M
gok i386 1.3.7-3.fc9 installed 9.1 M
gpp i386 0.7.0-2.fc9 installed 151 k
grass i386 6.3.0-5.fc9 installed 31 M
groff-perl i386 installed 17 k
gscan2pdf noarch 0.9.23-1.fc9 installed 687 k
gstreamer-devel i386 0.10.19-1.fc9 installed 4.1 M
gstreamer-ffmpeg i386 0.10.4-1.lvn9 installed 362 k
gstreamer-plugins-bad i386 0.10.7-1.lvn9 installed 1.9 M
gstreamer-plugins-bad-extras i386 0.10.7-1.lvn9 installed 93 k
gstreamer-plugins-base i386 0.10.19-2.fc9 installed 2.3 M
gstreamer-plugins-base-devel i386 0.10.19-2.fc9 installed 4.6 M
gstreamer-plugins-farsight i386 0.12.7-2.fc9 installed 292 k
gstreamer-plugins-good i386 0.10.8-5.fc9 installed 2.4 M
gstreamer-plugins-pulse i386 0.9.5-0.5.svn20070924.fc9 installed 86 k
gstreamer-plugins-ugly i386 0.10.8-1.lvn9 installed 685 k
gstreamer-python i386 0.10.11-2.fc9 installed 984 k
gstreamermm i386 0.9.5-1.fc9 installed 603 k
gstreamermm-devel i386 0.9.5-1.fc9 installed 5.1 M
gthumb i386 2.10.8-3.fc9 installed 6.9 M
gtk-doc noarch 1.9-4.fc9 installed 485 k
gtk2-devel i386 2.12.10-2.fc9 installed 20 M
gtkhtml3 i386 3.18.2-1.fc9 installed 2.9 M
gtklp i386 1.2.5-3.fc9 installed 548 k
gtksourceview i386 1:1.8.5-4.fc9 installed 1.9 M
gutenprint i386 5.0.2-2.fc9 installed 4.9 M
gutenprint-cups i386 5.0.2-2.fc9 installed 523 k
gutenprint-foomatic i386 5.0.2-2.fc9 installed 47 M
gwget i386 0.99-7.fc9 installed 800 k
hal-cups-utils i386 0.6.16-4.fc9 installed 86 k
hdrprep noarch 0.1.2-4.fc9 installed 33 k
hpijs i386 1:2.8.2-2.fc9 installed 2.2 M
hplip i386 2.8.2-2.fc9 installed 14 M
hplip-gui i386 2.8.2-2.fc9 installed 2.3 M
hsqldb i386 1: installed 3.6 M
html2ps noarch 1.0-0.1.b5.fc9 installed 226 k
hwbrowser noarch 0.42-1.fc9 installed 345 k
imageinfo i386 0.05-3.fc9 installed 35 k
imake i386 1.0.2-6.fc9 installed 1.2 M
inkscape i386 0.46-2.fc9 installed 57 M
isdn4k-utils i386 3.2-58.fc9 installed 9.3 M
jakarta-commons-beanutils i386 1.7.0-6jpp.1 installed 913 k
jakarta-commons-collections i386 3.2-2jpp.2.fc9 installed 2.2 M
jakarta-commons-collections-tomcat5 i386 3.2-2jpp.2.fc9 installed 122 k
jakarta-commons-daemon i386 1:1.0.1-6jpp.5.fc9 installed 108 k
jakarta-commons-dbcp i386 1.2.1-11jpp.3.fc9 installed 517 k
jakarta-commons-dbcp-tomcat5 i386 1.2.1-11jpp.3.fc9 installed 514 k
jakarta-commons-digester i386 1.7-7jpp.2 installed 1.0 M
jakarta-commons-discovery i386 1:0.4-3jpp.1.fc9 installed 274 k
jakarta-commons-el i386 1.0-9jpp.2.fc9 installed 474 k
jakarta-commons-fileupload i386 1:1.0-7jpp.2.fc9 installed 83 k
jakarta-commons-httpclient i386 1:3.1-0jpp.1.fc9 installed 1.3 M

31st July 2008, 10:04 AM
Geez, its a big one. Sorry buddy, fresh install this time around. Live n Learn process for you.

Do you recall activating rawhide or development?

31st July 2008, 10:05 AM
I think your only option at this time is to install yumex.

yum -y install yumex

then, using yumex

Select All
search for

Select the F9 version of each to be installed and at the same time
select the F10 version of each to be removed.

And see if that gets you a better result than simply removing the F10 rpms.
Once you are finished, Process the Queue and see how it goes.

Make sure that you back up anything important before you try this.


31st July 2008, 10:05 AM
jakarta-commons-launcher i386 1.1-2jpp.3.fc9 installed 290 k
jakarta-commons-logging i386 1.0.4-7jpp.5.fc9 installed 203 k
jakarta-commons-modeler i386 2.0-4jpp.2.fc9 installed 832 k
jakarta-commons-pool i386 1.3-10jpp.3.fc9 installed 260 k
jakarta-oro i386 2.0.8-4jpp.1 installed 340 k
java-1.5.0-gcj i386 installed 132 k
java-1.5.0-gcj-devel i386 installed 59 k
java_cup i386 1:0.10-0.k.6jpp.2 installed 733 k
jdepend i386 2.6-7jpp.3 installed 458 k
jetty i386 5.1.12-1jpp.9.fc8 installed 3.5 M
jsch i386 0.1.31-2jpp.3.fc9 installed 726 k
junit i386 3.8.2-4jpp.3.fc9 installed 547 k
jzlib i386 1.0.7-5jpp.1 installed 250 k
kdebase3-pim-ioslaves i386 3.5.9-16.fc9 installed 258 k
kdelibs3 i386 3.5.9-15.fc9 installed 45 M
kdepim i386 6:3.5.9-10.fc9 installed 28 M
kdepim-libs i386 6:3.5.9-10.fc9 installed 19 M
kexec-tools i386 1.102pre-8.fc9 installed 1.1 M
kino i386 1.3.0-1.lvn9 installed 7.4 M
krb5-auth-dialog i386 0.7-7.fc9 installed 52 k
lftp i386 3.6.3-2.fc9 installed 2.0 M
libIDL-devel i386 0.8.10-2.fc9 installed 31 k
libbonobo i386 2.22.0-2.fc9 installed 1.6 M
libbonobo-devel i386 2.22.0-2.fc9 installed 2.2 M
libbonoboui i386 2.22.0-2.fc9 installed 1.1 M
libbonoboui-devel i386 2.22.0-2.fc9 installed 1.0 M
libcroco-devel i386 0.6.1-5.fc9 installed 110 k
libcurl-devel i386 7.18.2-1.fc9 installed 431 k
libgail-gnome i386 1.20.0-2.fc9 installed 49 k
libglade2-devel i386 2.6.2-5.fc9 installed 217 k
libgnome i386 2.22.0-3.fc9 installed 3.8 M
libgnome-devel i386 2.22.0-3.fc9 installed 542 k
libgnomecanvas-devel i386 installed 504 k
libgnomecups i386 0.2.3-3.fc9 installed 200 k
libgnomedb i386 1:3.0.0-6.fc9 installed 2.0 M
libgnomeprint22 i386 2.18.4-1.fc9 installed 1.2 M
libgnomeprint22-devel i386 2.18.4-1.fc9 installed 637 k
libgnomeprintui22 i386 2.18.2-1.fc9 installed 1.0 M
libgnomeprintui22-devel i386 2.18.2-1.fc9 installed 238 k
libgnomeui i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 3.4 M
libgnomeui-devel i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 2.5 M
libgsf-devel i386 1.14.8-1.fc9 installed 813 k
libgsf-gnome i386 1.14.8-1.fc9 installed 17 k
libgtksourceviewmm i386 0.3.1-1.fc8 installed 134 k
libgtop2-devel i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 686 k
libkdcraw i386 0.1.3-2.fc9 installed 560 k
libkexiv2 i386 0.1.6-4.fc9 installed 144 k
libkipi i386 0.1.5-4.fc9 installed 365 k
libmal i386 0.31-8.fc9 installed 122 k
libogg-devel i386 2:1.1.3-9.fc9 installed 220 k
libpurple-perl i386 2.4.3-1.fc9 installed 1.0 M
librsvg2-devel i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 92 k
libsoup-devel i386 2.4.1-1.fc9 installed 1.1 M
libspectre i386 0.2.0-2.fc9 installed 76 k
libswt3-gtk2 i386 1:3.3.2-12.fc9 installed 7.5 M
libtool i386 1.5.24-6.fc9 installed 2.5 M
libuser-devel i386 0.56.9-1 installed 225 k
libvorbis-devel i386 1:1.2.0-4.fc9 installed 930 k
lm_sensors i386 3.0.2-1.fc9 installed 489 k
log4j i386 1.2.14-4jpp.1.fc9 installed 1.3 M
logwatch noarch 7.3.6-22.fc9 installed 1.2 M
lucene i386 2.3.0-1jpp.0.fc9 installed 3.2 M
lucene-contrib i386 2.3.0-1jpp.0.fc9 installed 2.1 M
mathmap i386 1.2.4-4.fc9 installed 677 k
mdbtools-gui i386 0.6-0.4.cvs20051109.fc9 installed 320 k
mediatomb i386 0.11.0-1.fc9 installed 1.9 M
meld noarch 1.1.5-5.fc9 installed 2.0 M
mod_perl i386 2.0.3-21 installed 6.6 M
mousetweaks i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 1.9 M
mutt i386 5:1.5.18-2.fc9 installed 4.0 M
mx4j i386 1:3.0.1-6jpp.4 installed 4.9 M
mysql i386 5.0.51a-1.fc9 installed 3.9 M
mysql-bench i386 5.0.51a-1.fc9 installed 2.6 M
mysql-connector-java i386 1:3.1.12-5.fc9 installed 2.9 M
mysql-gui-tools i386 5.0r12-5.fc9 installed 19 k
mysql-query-browser i386 5.0r12-5.fc9 installed 4.2 M
mysql-server i386 5.0.51a-1.fc9 installed 21 M
nagios i386 2.11-3.fc9 installed 4.5 M
nagios-plugins-all i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 0.0
nagios-plugins-breeze i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 2.2 k
nagios-plugins-disk_smb i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 8.0 k
nagios-plugins-file_age i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 3.1 k
nagios-plugins-flexlm i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 6.2 k
nagios-plugins-ircd i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 7.3 k
nagios-plugins-mailq i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 20 k
nagios-plugins-ntp i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 85 k
nagios-plugins-perl i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 2.0 k
nagios-plugins-rpc i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 9.5 k
nagios-plugins-sensors i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 1.1 k
nagios-plugins-snmp i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 67 k
nagios-plugins-wave i386 1.4.11-4.fc9 installed 2.9 k
nautilus i386 2.22.3-1.fc9 installed 15 M
nautilus-cd-burner i386 2.22.1-1.fc9 installed 2.0 M
nautilus-sendto i386 1.0.0-1.fc9 installed 352 k
net-snmp i386 1:5.4.1-18.fc9 installed 2.7 M
net-snmp-gui i386 1:5.4.1-18.fc9 installed 31 k

31st July 2008, 10:06 AM
net-snmp-libs i386 1:5.4.1-18.fc9 installed 2.9 M
net-snmp-perl i386 1:5.4.1-18.fc9 installed 640 k
net-snmp-utils i386 1:5.4.1-18.fc9 installed 331 k
netpbm-progs i386 10.35.45-1.fc9 installed 4.3 M
nip2 i386 7.14.1-1.fc9 installed 11 M
nsca i386 2.7.2-6.fc9 installed 60 k
nspluginwrapper i386 installed 292 k
ntp i386 4.2.4p4-6.fc9 installed 2.5 M
numactl i386 1.0.2-4.fc9 installed 88 k
openoffice.org-calc i386 1:2.4.1-17.4.fc9 installed 16 M
openoffice.org-core i386 1:2.4.1-17.4.fc9 installed 174 M
openoffice.org-draw i386 1:2.4.1-17.4.fc9 installed 2.9 M
openoffice.org-graphicfilter i386 1:2.4.1-17.4.fc9 installed 337 k
openoffice.org-impress i386 1:2.4.1-17.4.fc9 installed 4.9 M
openoffice.org-math i386 1:2.4.1-17.4.fc9 installed 3.3 M
openoffice.org-writer i386 1:2.4.1-17.4.fc9 installed 6.5 M
openoffice.org-writer2latex i386 0.5-2.fc9 installed 390 k
openoffice.org-xsltfilter i386 1:2.4.1-17.4.fc9 installed 296 k
orca i386 2.22.1-2.fc9 installed 6.5 M
pango-devel i386 1.20.1-1.fc9 installed 2.0 M
patchutils i386 0.2.31-5.fc9 installed 220 k
perl i386 4:5.10.0-27.fc9 installed 40 M
perl-Archive-Tar i386 1.37-27.fc9 installed 99 k
perl-Archive-Zip noarch 1.20-5.fc9 installed 238 k
perl-Authen-SASL noarch 2.10-2.fc9 installed 61 k
perl-BSD-Resource i386 1.28-6.fc9 installed 64 k
perl-BerkeleyDB i386 0.33-3.fc9 installed 611 k
perl-CPAN i386 1.9205-27.fc9 installed 609 k
perl-Cairo i386 1.045-1.fc9 installed 406 k
perl-Class-MethodMaker i386 2.10-3.fc9 installed 20 M
perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib i386 2.008-27.fc9 installed 205 k
perl-Compress-Zlib i386 2.008-27.fc9 installed 51 k
perl-Config-General noarch 2.38-1.fc9 installed 144 k
perl-Convert-ASN1 noarch 0.21-3.fc9 installed 117 k
perl-Convert-BinHex noarch 1.119-8.fc9 installed 108 k
perl-Convert-TNEF noarch 0.17-8.fc9 installed 37 k
perl-Convert-UUlib i386 1:1.09-4.fc9 installed 409 k
perl-Crypt-SSLeay i386 0.57-7.fc9 installed 133 k
perl-DBD-MySQL i386 4.005-8.fc9 installed 417 k
perl-DBD-Pg i386 1.49-9.fc9 installed 440 k
perl-DBD-SQLite i386 1.14-7.fc9 installed 105 k
perl-DBI i386 1.601-4.fc9 installed 1.8 M
perl-Date-Manip noarch 5.48-3.fc9 installed 448 k
perl-Device-SerialPort i386 1.04-3.fc9 installed 153 k
perl-Digest-HMAC noarch 1.01-19.fc9 installed 33 k
perl-Digest-SHA1 i386 2.11-7.fc9 installed 105 k
perl-Error noarch 1:0.17012-2.fc9 installed 45 k
perl-Event i386 1.11-1.fc9 installed 546 k
perl-Event-Lib i386 1.03-2.fc9 installed 148 k
perl-Event-RPC noarch 0.90-3.fc9 installed 132 k
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker i386 6.36-27.fc9 installed 582 k
perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS i386 1:2.18-27.fc9 installed 62 k
perl-Finance-Quote noarch 1.13-2.fc9 installed 424 k
perl-GD i386 2.35-7.fc9 installed 556 k
perl-GSSAPI i386 0.24-6.fc9 installed 210 k
perl-Geo-IP i386 1.30-3.fc9 installed 148 k
perl-Glib i386 1.162-5.fc9 installed 1.1 M
perl-GnuPG-Interface noarch 0.36-1.fc9 installed 178 k
perl-Gtk2 i386 1.162-4.fc9 installed 7.3 M
perl-Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory noarch 0.65-3.fc9 installed 537 k
perl-Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer noarch 0.17-4.fc9 installed 62 k
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List noarch 0.50-3.fc9 installed 40 k
perl-HTML-Parser i386 3.56-5.fc9 installed 238 k
perl-HTML-TableExtract noarch 2.10-3.fc9 installed 70 k
perl-HTML-Tagset noarch 3.10-8.fc9 installed 19 k
perl-IO-Compress-Base i386 2.008-27.fc9 installed 132 k
perl-IO-Compress-Zlib i386 2.008-27.fc9 installed 356 k
perl-IO-Multiplex noarch 1.09-1.fc9 installed 41 k
perl-IO-Socket-INET6 noarch 2.54-1.fc9 installed 26 k
perl-IO-Socket-SSL noarch 1.12-4.fc9 installed 113 k
perl-IO-Zlib i386 1:1.07-27.fc9 installed 19 k
perl-IO-stringy noarch 2.110-8.fc9 installed 130 k
perl-Image-ExifTool noarch 7.25-2.fc9 installed 4.2 M
perl-LDAP noarch 1:0.34-4.fc9 installed 770 k
perl-MIME-tools noarch 5.426-1.fc9 installed 511 k
perl-Mail-SPF noarch 2.005-2.fc9 installed 301 k
perl-MailTools noarch 2.03-1.fc9 installed 190 k
perl-Module-Pluggable i386 1:3.60-27.fc9 installed 28 k
perl-Net-DNS i386 0.63-4.fc9 installed 493 k
perl-Net-SSLeay i386 1.32-5.fc9 installed 682 k
perl-Net-Server noarch 0.97-2.fc9 installed 355 k
perl-NetAddr-IP i386 4.007-2.fc9 installed 257 k
perl-Newt i386 1.08-21.fc9 installed 281 k
perl-PDF-API2 noarch 0.69-5.fc9 installed 20 M
perl-Parse-Yapp noarch 1.05-38.fc9 installed 112 k
perl-Pod-Escapes i386 1:1.04-32.fc10 installed 21 k
perl-Pod-Simple i386 1:3.05-27.fc9 installed 411 k
perl-Razor-Agent i386 2.84-4.fc9 installed 285 k
perl-SGMLSpm noarch 1.03ii-18.fc9 installed 71 k
perl-Socket6 i386 0.20-1.fc9 installed 55 k
perl-String-CRC32 i386 1.4-6.fc9 installed 14 k
perl-Test-Harness i386 2.64-27.fc9 installed 115 k
perl-Test-Simple i386 0.72-27.fc9 installed 167 k
perl-Text-Template noarch 1.45-1.fc9 installed 122 k
perl-TimeDate noarch 1:1.16-8.fc9 installed 64 k
perl-Tk i386 804.028-5.fc9 installed 7.0 M

perl-URI noarch 1.35-8.fc9 installed 246 k
perl-Unix-Syslog i386 1.0-3.fc9 installed 68 k
perl-XML-DOM noarch 1.44-4.fc9 installed 275 k
perl-XML-LibXML i386 1:1.65-5.fc9 installed 1.1 M
perl-XML-LibXML-Common i386 0.13-13.fc9 installed 30 k
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport noarch 1.09-4.fc9 installed 28 k
perl-XML-Parser i386 2.36-3.fc9 installed 692 k
perl-XML-RegExp noarch 0.03-4.fc9 installed 9.2 k
perl-XML-SAX noarch 0.16-5.fc9 installed 255 k
perl-XML-Simple noarch 2.18-3.fc9 installed 155 k

perl-XML-XQL noarch 0.68-6.fc9 installed 272 k
perl-devel i386 4:5.10.0-27.fc9 installed 1.7 M
perl-gettext i386 1.05-13.fc9 installed 40 k
perl-libintl i386 1.16-8.fc9 installed 4.2 M
perl-libs i386 4:5.10.0-27.fc9 installed 2.4 M
perl-libwww-perl noarch 5.808-7.fc9 installed 811 k
pgadmin3 i386 1.8.4-1.fc9 installed 10 M
pgp-tools noarch 1.0-1.fc9 installed 210 k
phpMyAdmin noarch 2.11.7-1.fc9 installed 12 M
pidgin i386 2.4.3-1.fc9 installed 2.2 M
pidgin-guifications i386 2.14-4.fc9 installed 694 k
pidgin-libnotify i386 0.13-3.fc9 installed 51 k
pidgin-otr i386 3.1.0-3.fc9 installed 156 k
pidgin-perl i386 2.4.3-1.fc9 installed 196 k

31st July 2008, 10:07 AM
pidgin-rhythmbox i386 2.0-3.fc9 installed 35 k
pigment i386 0.3.5-1.fc9 installed 608 k
pilot-link i386 2:0.12.3-13.fc9 installed 2.7 M
pilot-link-devel i386 2:0.12.3-13.fc9 installed 217 k
pitivi noarch 0.11.1-2.fc9 installed 1.4 M
planner i386 0.14.2-12.fc9 installed 5.5 M
policycoreutils-gui i386 2.0.49-10.fc9 installed 599 k
pstoedit i386 3.45-2.fc9 installed 1.6 M
psutils i386 1.17-28.fc9 installed 207 k
pygobject2-devel i386 2.14.2-1.fc9 installed 17 k
pygtk2-devel i386 2.12.1-6.fc9 installed 1.1 M
qgis i386 0.9.1-5.fc9 installed 32 M
qgis-grass i386 0.9.1-5.fc9 installed 7.4 M
qt-x11 i386 1:4.3.5-2.fc9 installed 16 M
redhat-lsb i386 3.1-19.fc8 installed 496 k
redhat-rpm-config noarch 9.0.2-1.fc9 installed 129 k
regexp i386 1.5-2jpp.1.fc9 installed 176 k
rhythmbox i386 0.11.5-13.fc9 installed 10 M
rpm-build i386 installed 1.5 M
samba i386 3.2.0-2.17.fc9 installed 11 M
samba-client i386 3.2.0-2.17.fc9 installed 27 M
samba-swat i386 3.2.0-2.17.fc9 installed 18 M
scribus i386 1.3.4-5.fc9 installed 28 M
setroubleshoot noarch 2.0.6-1.fc9 installed 272 k
shorewall noarch 4.0.11-1.fc9 installed 0.0
shorewall-perl noarch 4.0.11-1.fc9 installed 452 k
sinjdoc i386 0.5-6.fc9 installed 1.9 M
sound-juicer i386 2.22.0-3.fc9 installed 3.5 M
spamassassin i386 3.2.5-1.fc9 installed 2.6 M
squid i386 7:3.0.STABLE7-1.fc9 installed 4.3 M
stellarium i386 0.9.1-6.fc9 installed 36 M
stunnel i386 4.24-1.fc9 installed 248 k
subtitleeditor i386 0.21.2-1.fc9 installed 2.6 M
subversion i386 1.4.6-7 installed 8.2 M
sunbird i386 0.8-3.fc9 installed 28 M
svgalib i386 1.9.25-4.fc9 installed 901 k
system-config-bind noarch 4.0.8-1.fc9 installed 11 M
system-config-date noarch 1.9.30-2.fc9 installed 3.7 M
system-config-httpd noarch 5:1.4.4-1.fc8 installed 2.2 M
system-config-kdump noarch 1.0.13-2.fc9 installed 402 k
system-config-keyboard noarch 1.2.15-2.fc9 installed 189 k
system-config-lvm noarch 1.1.4-1.0.fc9 installed 2.6 M
system-config-netboot noarch 0.1.45-1.fc9 installed 400 k
system-config-network noarch 1.5.10-1.fc9 installed 1.8 M
system-config-printer i386 installed 1.3 M
system-config-printer-libs i386 installed 2.3 M
system-config-samba noarch 1.2.63-1.fc9 installed 2.1 M
taskjuggler i386 2.4.0-8.fc9 installed 1.7 M
taskjuggler-libs i386 2.4.0-8.fc9 installed 1.0 M
tex-preview noarch 11.85-7.fc9 installed 123 k
texlive-dvips i386 2007-30.fc9 installed 280 k
texlive-latex i386 2007-30.fc9 installed 96 k
texlive-texmf-latex noarch 2007-22.fc9 installed 26 M
texlive-utils i386 2007-30.fc9 installed 447 k
thunderbird-lightning i386 0.8-3.fc9 installed 2.3 M
tomboy i386 0.10.1-2.fc9 installed 8.8 M
tomcat5 i386 5.5.26-1jpp.2.fc9 installed 850 k
tomcat5-common-lib i386 5.5.26-1jpp.2.fc9 installed 364 k
tomcat5-jasper i386 5.5.26-1jpp.2.fc9 installed 2.0 M
tomcat5-jasper-eclipse i386 5.5.26-1jpp.2.fc9 installed 4.4 M
tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api i386 5.5.26-1jpp.2.fc9 installed 168 k
tomcat5-server-lib i386 5.5.26-1jpp.2.fc9 installed 7.1 M
tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api i386 5.5.26-1jpp.2.fc9 installed 242 k
totem i386 2.23.2-4.fc9 installed 5.5 M
totem-gstreamer i386 2.23.2-4.fc9 installed 131 k
totem-mozplugin i386 2.23.2-4.fc9 installed 620 k
totem-nautilus i386 2.23.2-4.fc9 installed 48 k
totem-pl-parser i386 2.22.3-1.fc9 installed 2.1 M
totem-xine i386 2.23.2-4.fc9 installed 87 k
transcode i386 1.0.5-2.lvn9 installed 5.7 M
transfig i386 1:3.2.5-2.fc9 installed 556 k
ufraw-cinepaint i386 0.13-6.fc9 installed 642 k
valgrind i386 1:3.3.0-3 installed 31 M
vim-enhanced i386 2:7.1.291-1.fc9 installed 1.7 M
vino i386 2.22.2-1.fc9 installed 1.7 M
vips i386 7.14.1-1.fc9 installed 1.5 M
vlc i386 0.8.6h-1.lvn9 installed 3.4 M
vlc-core i386 0.8.6h-1.lvn9 installed 16 M
vym i386 1.10.0-4.fc9 installed 3.8 M
webmin noarch 1.420-1 installed 39 M
wsdl4j i386 1.5.2-5jpp.2.fc9 installed 754 k
wxBase i386 2.8.7-2.fc9 installed 1.7 M
wxGTK i386 2.8.7-2.fc9 installed 10 M
wxGTK-gl i386 2.8.7-2.fc9 installed 44 k
wxPython i386 installed 35 M
xalan-j2 i386 2.7.0-7jpp.2.fc9 installed 8.5 M
xerces-j2 i386 2.7.1-10jpp.1.fc9 installed 27 M
xml-commons-apis i386 1.3.04-1jpp.1.fc9 installed 1.0 M
xml-commons-resolver i386 1.1-1jpp.12 installed 341 k
xsane-gimp i386 0.995-3.fc9 installed 633 k
xulrunner i386 1.9-1.fc9 installed 21 M
xulrunner-devel i386 1.9-1.fc9 installed 35 M

yelp i386 2.22.1-3.fc9 installed 3.0 M
zoneminder i386 1.22.3-14.fc9 installed 3.7 M

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31st July 2008, 10:11 AM
No, I don't remember enabling rawhide or development. I was so stupid to do it on my prevoius installation of FC8. So, I will start back up
:( :( :( :( :(

31st July 2008, 10:16 AM
STOP... Look at Seve's post #16 with yumex... Give that a try... Let us know how it went.

31st July 2008, 01:35 PM
Using yumex:

I can't see FC9 version to install, there is only FC10 installed, as it would be the only available version. There must be bug in configuration of my Fedora.

31st July 2008, 04:37 PM
Try this:

su -
cat /etc/fedora-release