View Full Version : HandbrakeCLI produces mkvs unplayable on non-OSX

31st July 2008, 12:59 AM
Has anyone here had experience with HandbrakeCLI?

I'm trying to rip DVDs using x264/AC3, in mkv container.

Handbrake - both HandbrakeCLI on linux (9.2) and Handbrake GUI on OSX 10.4 (9.1) runs great, but the mkvs it produces is
- playable on OSX
- non playable on windows (tried ffdshow + WMP/Zoomplayer, VLC)
- semi-playable on linux (xine borks, VLC struggles, mplayer gives error msgs but does play)

The funny thing is that both OSX and linux versions give identical results (i.e. semi-incompatible mkvs).
When I rip using mencoder (good old CLI) or OGMrip, the mkvs are fully playable on all 3 platforms and software.