View Full Version : Backup problem on fedora core 4 (mysql5(optional))

29th July 2008, 03:04 PM
i am totally new to linux, i have been considering to get to it for a long time but now i have to use it at work as i was given the duty to setup an auto-backup of mysql 5 database everyday on the fedora core 4 pc at work. I have installed pardus and using it for 2 weeks though, so i dont want to go back to windows at no place(home - work -...)
So as i have mentioned i must setup auto-backup, mysql administrator is also installed on the pc. But i can't use the auto-backup option on the mysql administrator, i can't save the scheduled task. Well i can, but when i close it and re-open it the saved job is gone(the backup time remains but the destination and the prefix parts are empty) I read that the password encryption part, or something like that must be obscured(not plain text) but when i re-open it, it also changes back to plain text after saving and closing. So i cant do it using mysql administrator-dunno why, i guess something about permissions.
I have been searching for 2 weeks now, and i have tried several ways, i found a backup program for windows(karen's replicator) which works great on windows(and is made for it) but couldnot get wine to make it work on my pardus because it requires other programs such as vbasic 6.0 (not sure it will work if i use wine to install-use vbasic 6.0 as well). BTW i must do the backup thing on a server machine so i cant risk to try risky things that i dont know how will end.
Then i read about amanda but could not install it, first i did not know how to install but then i learned how to, and could not do it because of the dependencies.ANOTHER BTW: I CANT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET ON THE SERVER MACHINE (where i must do the backup-to remind-)
Later i learned about rdiff backup and tried it on the laptop with pardus from which i m writing right now,and it worked!! First backup on a linux system : ) but could not install rdiff on the fedora core 4 because of the dependencies; "libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.4)" , "librsync.so.1(one or the letter L(not sure-one i guess))" , "pylibacl(rdiff was made using python)" , "pyxattr" and rtld(GNU_HASH)
so I've been trying to find these and considering to download and copy to a flash and copy them to the lib directory on the fedora. Dunno if it will work but i couldnot find these so i have finally given up and become a member of linuxquestions.org to ask as well as the fedoraforum.org


29th July 2008, 03:57 PM
it is also okay if i can backup the folder containing the mysql database, that's why i wrote about other backup programs.
To make it clear, i have a laptop with pardus, i must do the job on a server machine at work with fedora core 4 with no internet connection and i cant risk anything there as it is a very important server.