View Full Version : Processor sharing problem (FC 9 in DELL Precision T7400 Work station)

28th July 2008, 11:37 AM
hi all

in my lab we have Dell precision T7400 work station with two quad core intel Xeon 3.2GHz + 32Gb RAM.(running in FC9)

we tried to run one matlab code in ordinary pentium 4 and dell precision and dell laptop with c2d.
its just an iterative code which requires mainly processor usage.

in pentium 4 it takes 21 minutes and in dell precision 4.35 minutes. but this same code if i run in a Dell vostro laptop (windows)with core2duo 2.2GHz+2Gb Ram takes only 5.3 minutes.

here we used the same version of matlab for testing the speed of computation.
we can't see much difference between core2duo laptop and dell precision with total 8 cores.
while we run the matlab code, only one core is 100% . remaining cores are idle.
but in core2duo in windows, it parallelly divides load to both processors.

1. why this type of sharing is not happening in Dell precision????
2. is there any command in FC9 to share the processor load in all 8 cores at a time???

please help me.......
here our target is to reduce the computational time. so we gone for dell precision work station. unfortunately we are not getting much time savings. The code we tested is the part of a big Finite element program which uses large size of matrix operations.

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