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21st July 2008, 09:34 PM
* Your system specification

= Dell XPS 1530 15.4" monitor-1280x800 res.
Intel Dual Core 2.2 Ghz
2 Gigs ram that will be updated to 4 Gigs later on where 64 bit has certain advantages
320 Gig WD Sata hard drive
* An overall description of the program and it's purpose.
Desktop, webdev, Toy as in linux

* Try to point out any potential gotchas or helpful hints on installation and use you may have found if at all possible.

= Codecs where a pain and read some how to pages and tried installing them, Eventually I used a install script as this is my first 64 bit install.
: I read a repo thread that warned about using multiple main repo lists because of conflicts in yum as in possible dependicy hell ,, prob here is Ubuntu users are not used this type of warning.

* A link to some screenshots of the program running under Fedora

* Assessment on the installation out of 5 = 4.5

= Very nice looking installer and fairly easy though I am not afraid of text installers. Basicly a painless install though grub seemed odd as I am used to Ubuntu grub and can be a bit confusing for users are used to something different.

* Assessment of the ease of use out of 5 =4.5

= Advantages and disadvantages, generally really impressed so far. inter-network bang on and is stated that Fedora is better than Ubuntu on that point. Yum is nice and much faster than previos versions, tried Fedora a long time ago and this was one of the reasons I stuck with Ubuntu. Synaptic has one feature I mis and that is a installed locally list which I found usefull as I used checkinstall or build debs for all my tarballs.

* Assessment of the features out of 5 = 5

Sweet distro and found it very easy to switch from Debian based to RedHat based. Very solid and very polished. Most of what you will need is easy to set up and works

* Assessment on the quality of the program out of 5 =5
Again very polished and works.

* An overall assessment out of 10 (All 4 marks added up, and divided by 2) =10.5

The above is to comply to stickied standards.

I have Used Ubuntu for over 4 years and was recomended to my as a good distro to learn how to use linux. Anyways getting beyond that point and though I still like Ubuntu I will be using Fedora unless I get bad bang my head off the wall problems. "Fedora wall banger lol".

Now there are a few reasons I chose Fedora instead of sticking to Ubuntu. Mainly I now have a dual-core laptop and Ubuntu was on a older tower. Now being a very active member on there forum I kept up on laptop stuff before I got my laptop. After reading a lot on how Ubuntu on laptops seem to run hot and have low battery time, not sure if that is fixed but does not seem to be a problem with Fedora 9 -64.

Also was feading about Ubuntu -64 and statements that it was not totally ready as a main distro option, also Ubuntu 64 was read as being a pure 64 distro version which may be why. So far every thing with fedora -64 works and am happy using 64 bit.

Though I got rid of my old tower Fedora is also supposed to be easier when it comes to networking.

Also as for the hard drive load cycle tick problem that was very simple and easy to fix.

My impressions so far is I have a working 64 bit laptop and things seem ok so far so am not tempted to go back to Ubuntu as of this time.

21st July 2008, 09:38 PM
10.5 is not a mark out of 10. Check your maths ;)