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20th July 2004, 05:37 AM
Hi People,

I'm looking to make my first inroad into the Linux world.
I'm going with Fedora. But I have a small problem that you can surely help.
I don't know which PC to buy. This instalation will be for personal use so I'm not looking for server hardware.

I'm planing to have both windows and linux on separate partitions. And I'm looking for a powerful machine because I want to do some image processing and programming.

Which machine to buy? Can I have some good pointers?


21st July 2004, 01:49 AM
You'll just have to look at some potential systems and do a check on the hardware compatibility at the Fedora site. I think most mainstream hardware is pretty well covered. It might be a little tough to find out what graphics, sound, mobo, are in the system, perhaps you could do a google for a potential system and linux and check for possible issues.

Get a decent size hard drive and then think carefully how you want to partition it, i.e. how much for Win and how much for Fedora. I split my 80GB drive in half and had XP on 40 and FC1 on 40, now I hardly use XP and wish I'd dedicated 60GB to FC1, still there are options.
Also if your system comes with Window$ already installed it will most likely fill the hard drive, you'll need to either re-install or re-size the Win partition before installing Fedora.

Good luck ...

21st July 2004, 03:11 AM
I'm looking at upgrading my system (I dual boot with Windows and FC2), and here's what I've come up with after listening to the boards:

1 - I'm going with a 32-bit system to get more apps via yum and apt
2 - I'm going with an IDE drive for better linux support (sounds like sata drives aren't supported really well yet)
3 - I'm looking for a 160 or 200GB hard drive because converting home movies to DVD takes a lot of storage
4 - I'm not going to get a hyperthreading system because it has no value that I can see for linux
5 - I'm looking at 512MB memory upgradeable to 1GB because it seems that you can never have enough memory
6 - I'm waiting until after the back to school stuff is over because there's no good deals on PCs until then
7 - I'm going to stay away from Radeon video cards because they seem to be difficult to get to work with linux
8 - As for brands, they seem to all use pretty much the same parts, so I pretty much buy based on which companies support linux. I'll probably buy another HP.

Hope this helps.