View Full Version : gnome/kde gone missing

20th July 2004, 05:24 AM
hey y'all.

I goofed something and I'm looking for some advice.

last night on my x86 FC2 box I was doing some updates (how many problems start like this?) and I wanted to try burning a data dvd on my dvd burner so I was installing all the dvd apps I could find through synaptic.

after installing a few things I noticed I couldn't get nautilus to work anymore (there was an error message but I didn't write it down). I noticed that my 'File System' gnome menu option was gone. I could see that my file system was still intact and I could still open evolution & mozilla.

so I thought I should reboot. that's when things *really* started going wrong. I've got inittab set to 3 (sometimes I don't want to wait for the gui to load just to test network connectivity) and usually I just type 'startx' to get the x windows to load. however when I did this I got fvwm instead of my usual pretty gnome.

when I ran 'switchdesk' it only showed fwvm and 'default', no gnome or kde which I know are installed.

does this sound familiar to anyone? I don't see anything in the dmesg and I'm not sure which other logs to look through. help!

thanks in advance.