View Full Version : KVM booting issue, no keyb detected

18th July 2004, 10:05 PM

I have a rack of servers with 2 running Fedora Core 2, they are connected to the monitor and keyboard via a KVM switch.
The problem comes if the servers are rebooted without having the keyboard and mouse channel connected on the KVM switch, ie only one server can have it at a time.
The problem is then that when the correct channel is subseqently selected to log in on a server the keyboard doesn't work and the server has to be rebooted with it connected to the KVM keyboard and mouse.

Is there anyway to work around this ?

It's fine if i boot the servers one by one, but if i have a power failure long enough for the ups to shut them down and then they reboot all at the same time , then I have problems with the keyboard issue.



20th July 2004, 03:51 AM
This is most likely a hardware issue, gasmeter.

My advice is to turn keyboard detection off in BIOS - if you poke around in the machine's BIOS settings you should see a setting to tell the machine to halt on all errors, no errors or all except keyboard errors. That should fix you up ;)

Hope this helps -