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18th July 2004, 04:58 PM
if anyon is having a problem using checkinstall

> # checkinstall
> [...]
> make: *** [install] Segmentation fault
> **** Installation failed. Aborting package creation.
> Cleaning up...OK
> Bye.
this is a patch for checkinstall-1.6.0beta3 here's howto to fix it first get th patch
http://redhatforum.stonebyte.de/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=6859 (http://)

wget http://asic-linux.com.mx/~izto/checkinstall/files/source/checkinstall-1.6.0beta3.tgz
tar xvzf checkinstall-1.6.0beta3.tgz
cd checkinstall-1.6.0beta3
cat /home/stendate/source/checkinstall_patch | patch -p1
make install

thanx to stendate at fedoraforum.de :eek: (http://redhatforum.stonebyte.de/index.php?) hmm :D

19th July 2004, 01:07 AM
i've had my issues with this patch when i tried it ... never got checkinstall running as desired. well, the patch makes the program run at least, but it only creates rpms sometimes. renaming /usr/local/sbin/makepak did the trick sometimes, other times not, i don't know what's wrong here.
i really like checkinstall, but i decided to stay away from checkinstall, at least until new version comes out, since it's success is unpredictable.