View Full Version : Tweaking our ugly GDM

20th June 2008, 08:14 PM
I ve played around with GDM source, and figured out few things, that could be changed with these limited options that it has.
First the facebrowser, so far it seemed not to work at all, no matter if you place .face in your home, well,turnes out gdm doesnt have privileges to access your home, so simple chmod o+rx /home/($USER) would fix that, as now it will be able to read .face and display it.
Second, tweaking the simple-greeter for background, icon, banner message and using compiz on GDM:
To make it happen , open gconf-editor and look for /apps/gdm/simple-greeter/ , there will be options to change banner message, icons and compiz option ( for icon to work i only tested /usr/share/icons/Fedora/48x48/places to be on path, so place the icon there and just type in it s name, without path)

After changing options, copy the /home/($USER)/.gconf/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/%gconf.xml to
/var/lib/gdm/.gconf/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/%gconf.xml and restart X ( telinit 3, telinit 5)

happy messing up with gdm :)