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20th June 2008, 03:50 AM
I am having some issues with fedora 9. I have two servers. I had a motherboard go bad in one server so I figured it was time to upgrade the OS while replacing the motherboard. I found some issues with the new system.

I am running the server in runlevel 3. Usually when I first get the system going, I run in level 5 with the GUI so I can get some things going. Once the basics are set-up (i.e. network card set-up, test internet, etc) then I change the inittab file to the default run level of 3. The server is a web, FTP and MySQL server.

One of the problems I am getting is the network card doesn't automatically start when the server starts which can be a problem. I have compared the runlevel 3 scripts on my fedora 8 with my fedora 9 (using chkconfig). I noticed that xinetd was running and installed on my Fedora 8 server but was no where to be found on my fedora 9 server. Could this be the reason why the network card is not starting?

Keep in mind, I have just now started getting into the fedora's runlevels. I was having issues before where the mysqld, httpd, and vsftpd services were not being started on boot up, requiring me to manually start them. Well, I am excited now that I know how to get these services to start up on boot up.

As of now, the network card not starting and xinetd not being there. I do see another service "network" which is enable on my F8 server but not my F9 server; could that be the problem? I can't test it right now because I am not currently at my server room.

BTW: the xinet.d folder is in my etc file, so it looks like it is installed.

20th June 2008, 06:47 PM
nevermind. Tested it, it was because the network service wasn't started.