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15th July 2004, 06:52 AM
Hi Everyone,

My first post here, I hope I can put back into the community as much as I've got out of it :).

Basically, I have a domain, say 'mydomain.tld'. I have access to the authoritative nameservers for mydomain.tld. I run an FC2 box here on my DSL connection and would like to be able to point 'intranet.mydomain.tld' at it. The problem? My DSL IP is assigned dynamically.

I know it'd possible and I know BIND has everything I need right there built-in, I just don't know how to use it. I'v searched for hours on the subject but to no avail. Everything I come across seems to be written for previous versions of BIND. Both the nameservers and my home box are running BIND 9.2.x.

If anyone could post how to do this or even point me to a relevant turorial then I would be a very happy man indeed!