View Full Version : DNS cache question

12th June 2008, 10:22 PM
Have a RedHat server in a Windows network, when logging in through Cygwin shell a message is displayed showing the time and client computer name from the last login.

Problem is that the computer name is one that does not exist in the network anymore, so I am suspecting it's cached locally on the server.

A quick Google shows that the DNS cache can be flushed by restarting the nscd service- /etc/init.d/nscd restart - but this command threw the error message "incorrect number of parameters" and checking the --help shows an option to shutdown, but no stop and start or restart options.

If the DNS cache is flushed when the service is manually restarted, does that mean it gets flushed every time the system is rebooted? The server was restarted in the last week, so if the cache is flushed during system reboot, the local cache theory is put to rest.

Can anyone explain how DNS caching behaves in Linux?

Thanks much in advance.