View Full Version : Permission to Modify Parent Folder

4th June 2008, 02:07 PM
When I attempt to empty my trash (FC8) to free hard disk space, I get the following message (the filename info is ommited for brevity):
"ERROR WHILE DELETING - ...you do not have permissions to modify its parent folder."
How can I establish (and maintain) administrative privileges in the FC8 GUI desktop environment?

NOTE: I sometimes get a similar "non permission" message when I attempt to perform other tasks in the FC8 desktop GUI (like modifying or deleting one or more files). I do know how to use the terminal's command-line method for accessing and/or modifying/deleting files/directories.

4th June 2008, 02:52 PM
if you go into the trash directory, you will probably see some files with root permissions. This happens to me when I compile apps or do root activity and then move the directory to the trashcan using the gui. That being said, if you get the error all the time, even after emptying it out using the commandline, you should check the permissions of the directory. To get pemissions for everything under in your home directory:

su -
cd /home/<usename.
chown -R username:group *
chown -R username:group .*

where username is your username and group is the group you belong to.


5th June 2008, 01:42 AM
Thanx, David! You are absolutely correct! I followed your suggestion and was able to successfully delete all from my trash. Much appreciated...