View Full Version : Graphical install screen problem + partitioning problem

1st June 2008, 11:08 AM

I'm completly new to Fedora, but want to try a robust stable and efficient OS for development purpose.

I've got the DVD and tried to install but had 2 big problems:

1- when selecting the graphical way of install, the screen image becomes really "dirty", almost impossible to read because of a lot of electronic disturbance effect on the screen. Almost impossible to see the mouse arrow, and what is display.
Of course, there is NO real electronic disturbance around. It seems to me to be aother incompatibility problem, even if my video card is old : Matrox G400 Dual.

2- I tried the text install, but don't know how to manage the partitioning actions. They seems not to be clear enough.
I've got 3 HDs, 1 IDE and 2 SATA ; it seems I want to isnatll on the 2nd HD (sata) where there is 3 partitions; latest is ext3 already (prepared for install) and I made on the 1st HD 2 other partitions, 1 to store home and 1 to store swap.
I really don't know how to manage to make the partitions to be selected entirely without having to specify size or something.
I really dont want to loose my other partitions, dedicated to windows data already installed and filled..

any advice could help, thanx