View Full Version : boot and install Fedora 9 FROM USB drive

27th May 2008, 01:01 AM
ok, i know some will say google it, but i did and cannot find a way to do this (probebly there isnt a way to do this) but this is why im posting.

I have a vergin box (P4 4gb 1Gb ram with SATA250gb NO CD DRIVE !).
I have an old IDE 40Gb drive that I put into a USB enclosure.

I want to install Fedora 9 on this box but since there's no CD ROM drive, I need to install it from this USB IDE drive. Yes, my CMOS supports it.

Now, how do I put Fedora 9 onto this USB drive to use it as an installation media?

I downloaded Fedora 9 DVD ISO onto my XP box but I simply dont know how to put all this onto the USB IDE Drive and boot/install from it onto the SATA250Gb drive that's in that box.

Please let me know.

27th May 2008, 01:28 AM
i found liveusb-creator, and it has a command to for a usb drive encloser... so I'm trying it now...

29th May 2008, 01:17 AM
Hi npereira

I have done this and it is rather easy. I didnt need to use live-usb just the full blown FC9.
My laptop had died before and got my self another, thus got an extra HDD. I put them in enclosure and tried installing FC8 on it. It installed and work fine.

With FC9 somehow it wants to install itself on slave HDD. Problem I have encountered was it only works on my laptop not on other computers. (Experts please correct me if Im wrong)

Anyway I dont want to go through to much details.

Here what you do:

Use your XP box presume you have dvd drive there?
Remove your local drives in your pc.
(you can fiddle about on the setup menu with partitioning but removing local hdd makes it easy)
Plug in your USB HDD
Boot to your DVD
And install!!!!

This will now work to any computer/laptop that support USB boot.

One downside,
When you are using different videocard, you may always need to recompile your xorg.conf file.
If you encounter this problem, you will be presented with login: in text mode.
You simply go in as root
Then # setup <enter>
Self explanitory from here on.

Suggestion: give your self a little fat32 partition so you can still use your USB HDD on windows as ext3 Im having problem seeing it via xp. EXT2 IFS v1.11 cant see it yet.

29th May 2008, 10:08 PM
how the usb drive comes in 2,4gb only how to install 5+gb fc9 install on usb????

2nd June 2008, 11:32 PM
Use the livecd(700meg?) rather than the full install.