View Full Version : FC9/KDE4 - how to automount conveniently?

25th May 2008, 10:17 PM
Hi all,

I've a question on automounting removable devices in FC9 and KDE 4.0.4 - CDROMs, USB sticks etc. In FC8/KDE3.5, it was very convenient. The device would be recognized and then you could either agree to open a konquerror window or do nothing (and select the default behaviour). In any case, a device icon appeared on screen. You could configure things so that it would be automounted or not, in which case right-clicking on the icon and chosing "mount" worked perfectly well. When a user did not want the device anymore, he/she could right-click on the icon and "safely remove" (unmount) the device. Now, in FC9 all this is gone :( ...

A device is being recognized, but the only way I found to mount it via gui is to run the "New device notifier" plasmoid. It works but in a VERY inconvenient way... First, the plasmoid itself gets in the way. The user has to communicate with it instead of just having the device auto-mounted without interaction. The only way to mount the device is to accept the invitation of the plasmoid to run dolphin. In dolphin, one can later unmount the device. But in most cases, my users do not want dolphin hanging around, as they usually copy the data from/to the device in Konsole. If the user closes dolphin, there is absolutely no on-screen indication that the device is mounted - potentially dangerous as the user may remove it without unmounting...

So in short, I want the old behaviour: the device shoud be mounted truly automatically without interaction from the user's side, and I want a small "something" - e.g. an icon, which could be used to open e.g. dolphin (by clicking the icon) or to unmount the device.

I understand that the whole concept of kde 4 has changed and shortcut desktop icons are banned (which I personally detest...). OK, I am (unwillingly) ready to live with this but is there any other CONVENIENT way to deal with the external devices in FC9/KDE4?