View Full Version : File Manager with a vista-like preview pane

25th May 2008, 04:35 PM
One thing (alright, the only thing) I liked about Vista was the preview pane in the file explorer, which made it possible to navigate and to scan and read many files without individually opening each one.

Is there anything similar for Linux (I am an experienced Unix user, but just arrived on Fedora)? Something where you click on a file and see a meaningful and readable preview pane of its full contents?

I have tried Nautilus, Dolphin and Konqueror, which seem to give only icon-type previews (you can't actually read the document's contents of eg a PDF or word/openoffice doc). I've also tried Krusader, which is a trifle busy and complex and can show PDF contents but not (in my setup anyway) office documents (it might be OK if there was a working office plugin).

Am I missing something, or is there some other package or product I should look at?

Apologies for the newbie-type question, and thanks in advance for any answers.

Mark Proudman