View Full Version : preupgrade limitations and MBR

25th May 2008, 11:44 AM
I tried to use preupgrade to avoid a lot of duplication changing from Fedora 8 to 9.

Judging from other topics in the bug list, it seems it's quite a way from being bug free. It appears to my limited understanding to work only if there are no other distros on the computer. When I went to the reboot to begin the upgrade process stage, there was no way to see any new grub options, so I had to go back where I'd been in Fedora 8. By looking in the /boot directory, I noticed that there was now an upgrade directory with an stage2.img, initrd.img and a vmlinuz. /boot is on /dev/sda6, not /dev/sda1 so I edited my grub.conf file in the appropriate partition so that I had the upgrade option from grub. I congratulated myself too soon.

When grub did read it, the installation process began and wanted to know where my CDROM images were. I figured it might be referring to the nice 100 Mb file stage2.img that the preupgrade procedure had compiled, but no show. The installation process still wants CDROM images.

Has anyone got this procedure to work on a disk where the grub conf wasn't in the MBR?