View Full Version : KDE 4 and Dual Head

23rd May 2008, 04:38 PM
Thanks to Leigh123 and his instructions I have installed NVidia drivers in F9 using Xorg server from F8. The only problem I have is with KDE4.. In GNOME I can use Nvidia setup and select both monitors to run X. I have 2 screens with their own tool bars and can go between them and run all the programs I want. I can move ICONS across the screens BUT NOT running Programs.
KDE is another story. Using the same Xorg.conf I only get the task bar on ONE monitor. I am unable to get anything to run on the second as there is no way to select it. If I use Xinerama I get one big desktop and can move programs between the screens. I do NOT want to run Xinerama as I do NOT like the way Compiz-Fusion works.
It seems to be a bug in KDE4 or is there a way to force it to give me a tool bar on the second screen.. :eek:

I really don't want to have to use gnome as I have only used KDE... There has got to be an answer...