View Full Version : [solved] Amd64 + K8v-vm

22nd May 2008, 09:59 AM
hi all :)

I am gonna post the trick that solved my installation issue, but before let me post the characteristics of the system on which this trick worked:

socket 754
chipset VIA K8M890
SATA II HDD on SATA controller

the installation went smoothly, whilst the boot was absolutely not possible, because the system freezed nearly at the fedora loading graphical bar.
I tried everything, ending up with a boot command line as long as a truck, nothing worked.
First battle it won, so I went to sleep having weird dreams...
In the middle of this dreams, a Somerfield Sauce bottle talked to me with funny voice: "you fedora addicted, disable ipv6 and enable acpi!"

and it worked. I am writing right now from my new FC9 toy :)

well, for the lazy ones:

at the grub menu hit a then add acpi=on then, when asked by the blue "fedora" label, hit i then press return to enter interactive mode, when you arrive at ipv6tables choose no then press c to continue without being further bothered

it worked for me, hope will work for you too :)