View Full Version : Fedora 9 upgrade problem with disk encryption

20th May 2008, 04:13 PM
Environment (short version):
AMD 64 bit dual core CPU
Current ver: Fedora 7
5 physical disks, 7 partitions, all encrypted with dmcrypt, cryptsetup-luks, etc

Backed up / and /home :D , tried to upgrade to Fedora 9 using the install DVD (x86_64).

1st attempt:
got error: Error opening /dev/mapper/via_bfigaeib: No such device or address
googled around and found and used the nodmraid kernel boot option, and that helped

2nd attempt:
/dev/mapper prompts for a password (and a checkbox to indicate that its global, nice!), and I'm getting optimistic but it runs and the screen stops refreshing, so I figure its hung.
WRONG! Ctrl-Alt 3 and you can see that luksOpen is mounting encrypted volumes and creating devices in /dev/mapper. Not bad, but its too slow ~ 4 mins per partition, which is why the screen is stuck.

and here's the kicker - after all devices are created in /dev/mapper, it doesn't continue but removes them and starts all over again.

only / is not encrypted and I guess I _could_ remove all encrypted drives and try an install, but this seems to be a rather glaring hole to have missed.

Anyone have any suggestions on what's going on with the installer? :confused:

ps: not a newbie, been using linux since kernel 0.10 and a whole bunch of distros