View Full Version : Hardware PCI SATA controller problem during instalation

19th May 2008, 05:10 AM
Hello all,

I try to install the last Fedora 9 on some old PC.
In the case it has a TYAN Tiger 230 Mother Board with 2 PIII CPU's and 1G RAM, 1 IDE HDD connected to Primary IDE interface on MB, and 1 HDD which is SATA connected trough PCI SATA controller MP6421-E. This is the VIA ChipSet based controller VT6421.

When start the installation in step which format this HDD (connected to SATA controller) the installation was friezed in 30% of formatting. After I try to format with mkfs.ext3, the problem is the same. For help I attach the dmesg, lspci, mkfs.ext3 and endofdmesg files.

Attached files comes from booting with live CD of ubuntu 8.04

Any idea.

Please help