View Full Version : Fedora8 and9 beats Ubuntu Hardy as my Media server

18th May 2008, 04:18 PM
I normally use Fedora 8 on my IBM Thinkpad X41 subnotebook that I have connected to a TV in my living room; using it as a video media center type device. I figured I would try Hardy on it.

This subnotebook doesn't have a CDrom drive so I first had to make a LivecdUSB install of Hardy. I had to go to the pendrivelinux site and follow the 20+ steps there in order to make a Livecd usb stick. After that I had a working LiveCDUSB stick of hardy.

I installed it on my subnotebook and prepared the system (updates, codecs, etc). When my son and I started to watch a movie, X crashed and restarted (yes, desktop effects are off).:mad:
After logging in again, the movie was able to play fine. After that movie was over we watched another one and than X crashed again. My son said, "Dad, why did you change the system? The other one was working fine."
lol... I guess I need to stop tinkering with the media center laptop.

Oh well, I setup a Fedora9 LiveCD usbflash using the included livecd-to-usb script on the Fedora9 iso. Typed in the command and had a working fedora9 LiveUSB stick in about 2 minutes. ;)
Again I went through the process of setting up the system with updates, codecs, etc.

End result: Fedora9 is working great so far as my video media system on this subnotebook (IBM Thinkpad X41).