View Full Version : Mounting Fedora 6 HD

15th May 2008, 09:08 AM

I have updated Fedora 6 to Fedora 9 and my ex-Fedora 6 at boot can't mount the file system.

So I don't know how I can fix this. When I start ex-Fedora 6, it stops because it can't find /dev/root
I guess maybe it's because the File system has changed ext2 to ext3 but the loaded kernel try to find ext3 directories.

First I would like to know if Fedora 6 is ext2 ou ext3 ?
Then I would like to know if Fedora 9 is ext 3.

As I would like to recover my data on my ex-Fedora 6, I installed a new Fedora 9 on a second HD.

I would like to know how I cant mount this ex-Fedora 6 through the new Fedora 9.
I have set Fedora 9 as a master and ex-Fedora 6 as slave.

I tried to mount it with /dev/sdb1 /disk2 ext3 ... but it didn't work, I have file from the /boot directory in /disk2 and not the complete filesystem.