View Full Version : Uninstalling FC8-GRUB

14th May 2008, 01:32 PM
Greets to the Fedora community,

I recently installed FC8 on my laptop - dual-boot with Vista via GRUB boot-loader.

I've bought a new laptop and I'm going to install FC8 on that one instead however I'm left now with the challenge of uninstalling Fedora from my primary laptop.

How do I go about it, bearing in mind that I DO NOT HAVE a Vista installation disc as the laptop came pre-installed with Vista and had a "RECOVERY" partition set up by HP during manufacture.

I understand I have to fix the MBR of Vista? But I am aware that you must do this by clicking the "repair your system" option from the Vista boot disc, but I do not have a Vista boot disc.

Any ideas?