View Full Version : Logging internet traffic/firewall/ newbie Qs

22nd April 2008, 05:25 AM
I'm a newbie. I've done a bit of reading, found a guide to the services on Fedora (which ones are essential, which ones don't need to be started by default) and dones some other reading about IPtables/firewall frontends, etc.

Is there an existing application in the Fedora default installation that logs the IP addresses which you connect to, or is there one that can be installed? (someone in a previous thread mentioned snort, but further reading suggests that that detects attempted incoming connections, is that right, or is it both ways?)

Is the firewall in the default installation adequate to just shut everything down to outside connections, if I don't have anything in the "trusted services" list, or should I look at getting Firestarter or some other firewall "frontend"? I have no network, no need for messaging, bittorrent, remote access, etc. It is a standalone computer.

Are there any applications or services in Fedora which "phone home" (other than in the services list) which need to/can be disabled?

Can somebody recommend a hard-copy text for beginners which is suited to Fedora users, with clear explanations of the basics?