View Full Version : Fedora Core 2 / test3 kernel compilation

12th May 2004, 08:51 AM
Hello all:

Pardon if this is a basic question (it seems such to me).

I haven't done kernel compiles in awhile and decided to jump in to FC2/test3 (I was running RH9 until recently).

Compilation appeared to work fine .. moved the bzImage, adjusted my "grub.conf" ...

But on boot I got a message along the lines of :

jbd.o: versionmagic : detected 2.6.317 686 <something else> expected "2.6.317custom" 686 <something else>

Got the same message for ext3.o.

I found "2.6.317custom" in the "version.h" file, and I did the compilation with:

make mrproper
make xmenuconfig
make modules_install

How can I fix the "version" problem?

BTW, I'm trying to get my Linksys WUSB11 wireless USB device to work properly under FC2/test3. I have the
source for the latest driver (not the one from Sourceforge) which *apparently* compiles properly under FC2/test2, I'm hoping will work under test3.