View Full Version : Evince print problem?

14th April 2008, 11:46 PM
Hey Guys

So evince prints the IRS's pdfs just fine but when I go to my state tax page it will not print their pdf. No errors. It just does not print. Anybody got any ideas?




15th April 2008, 12:06 AM
Hi lazlow:

Sorry, the form prints from evince just fine here. Want me to mail them to you? :D

(Maybe you should file a bug report.... :D)


15th April 2008, 12:16 AM
It is really odd. epdfview prints it fine (so I will get by). Evince prints the IRS ones fine. If it would not print any PDFs I would understand or even if nothing could print that PDF(from my machine).

Hlingler, if I did not know you agree with me (mostly) on the bug issue I would take that the wrong way (cause taxes my me grumpy).


15th April 2008, 12:26 AM
Sorry, I just couldn't resist....

I double-checked it on two other machines (same printer, same evince), and got:
OPERAND STACK;So, there clearly is something screwy here. Go figure.


15th April 2008, 12:34 AM
Thanks for going the extra mile.

From the look of it I will be happy with my return. On the other hand I did not make Jack Sh&t this year.

24th April 2008, 11:54 PM
What a mess.

Completely forgetting about lazlow's debacle from last week, I blissfully hit the print button while viewing a PDF document in evince. The first page printed out fine. Then the printer choked violently, puking out a crinkled page with the error message noted in the above post. It was at about that point that I remembered this thread. Too late....

The meltdown had begun. In an apparent attempt to single-handedly denude the planet of trees, the printer commenced to barf out page after page of blanks. Cancelling the print job from both the originating machine and the printer-server machine failed to stop the madness. I ended up having to cancel the job at the printer and re-set the power on it. I am now the proud owner of several reams of very warm, yet crinkled, used copy paper.

The PDF document in question was home-made on the same machine using OpenOffice Writer with the "Save Document as PDF" function. I can't help but wonder if the Great State of Missouri also uses OpenOrifice to create their tax forms. Not sure if the problem may be with evince or OO Writer. I just finished installing an update to OpenOffice, so I'm going to try re-saving the same document with the new version of OO Writer, and see if that changes anything. I have plenty of used copy paper to test with. If that fails, I may have no choice but to file a bug report at bugzilla.redhat.com. But I'd rather not have to do that.