View Full Version : Grub Screen Question....

3rd April 2008, 07:08 AM
Hi everyone!

I'm new to this Linux gig, but have so far managed to try PCLinuxOS2007, Fedora 8, and installed the Fedora 9 beta yesterday... all's pretty swell - now that I've managed to connect up my university network (some non-fun MSCHAPv2 and certificate things to negotiate that were simple in XP, but made me want to kill myself in linux - actaully, its the reason i ditched PCLOS in favour of fedora - i could operate networkmanager... but now i'm quite happy with what its got to offer).

Anyhoo, my question is one taht's more aesthetic than anything else... its about the Grub boot loader. the Fedora one... lets just say it looks pretty rough compared with the PCLOS one. is there a way i can get that "soft" and colourful look with Fedora? or is it destined to be the ugly white box on a blue splash?

Also, is there a way that i can make the vmlinuz-version.fcx and initrd-version.fcx.img have a "shortcut" to ithem in /boot/grub/menu.1st or grub.conf like they have in PCLOS? i was getting sick of constantly having to redo MBR from PCLOS everytime i wanted to update the Fedora Kernel...

Anyhoo, look forward to migrating completely from windows by the half of the year - i can't brick my lappy with all my study gear on it before the end of the semester!!