View Full Version : Samba: Set printer options

2nd April 2008, 11:10 PM
Suddenly my default options for my printer via samba are wrong, (doesn't show duplexing, feeder etc) and I want to set the defaults for all users but they are greyed out on the windows client. I have tried setting printer admin (which is deprecated now yet SWAT still uses it I noticed) and my user is a member of the printadmin group and has SePrintOperatorPrivledge set yet all options are still unavailable. This used to work!! the information is supposedly stored in the .tdb files but these are all of course unintelligible. Someone here must know how to set these options.

EDIT: when I browse to this printer on my laptop at home, the options are correct!
Why then do I get the wrong options when browsing to it over PPTP from work?