View Full Version : Kernel downgrade possible?

1st April 2008, 06:53 PM

I've an old atmel-pcmcia wireless card which worked perfect unter FC6, but somewhere with arround kernel-2.6.20 the driver was broken and does not work good enough for daily use.
I've read several reports, all have the same problem with newer kernels, whereas 2.6.16 seems to work for everybody.

Is it possible to use Fedora9 with, or won't the glibc installed not support such "old" kernels? The reson I ask is I already tried installing 2.6.18 from FC6, and when booting I get "cannot open /dev/cmdline - Unknown error 530".

Is there any serious reason why won't work with Fedora9?

Thank you in advace, lg Clemens

2nd April 2008, 02:51 PM
I know NOTHING about Fedora 9 and virtually nothing about the kernel...
But, as a guess I'm assuming that you will be able to use the old kernel with fedora 9 (if you recompile it yourself) but I don't think you would have access to some of the newer features like ext4..

Is there any particular reason why you wish to upgrade to Fedora 9? If you prefer to stick with older kernels, maybe you might be better with a less "bleeding edge" distro like Debian or even CentOS (similar to Fedora since it's based on the RHEL source). That way you know that things wont suddenly break on you. :)