View Full Version : Dell openmanage with FC2 on dell server

29th June 2004, 08:08 PM
Does some of you experienced dell openmanage with FC2? Someone got it work?
I know it works with redhat enterprise 3.0 shipped from dell and i think it works by snmp,
some suggestions?

thanks in advance


10th July 2004, 01:04 PM
There is a handy Dell Support Forum for exactly this sort of question here:


I think I remember a Dell engineer stating that they are waiting for RHEL 4 beta to be released before they support any Linux distros at all that are using kernel 2.6 and want to run Dell OpenManage stuff.

Very frustrating really, because kernel 2.6 has been out for quite some time now...it's just that Red Hat do not have a beta or final of their Enterprise distro using 2.6 yet!

BTW, the Open Manage Server Administrator software can be quite "dangerous" to run on your PowerEdge server. There's been bugs galore in some of their releases, particularly the 1.7 version, which crashed several of my servers hard and fast and was promptly uninstalled.

I mainly use OMSA to activate the auto-reboot option of the watchdog hardware so that if the machine hangs for 5 mins, it will be forced to reboot, even if the CPU is hung solid. However, note that the OMSA monitoring stuff has tripped on me a couple of times with a faulty temperature sensor reading and shut the machine down, despite it being OK (and when it came back up, the sensor reading was fine again).