View Full Version : Best time to update the Kernal

8th March 2008, 12:17 AM
hi all, i've been reading some issues on the new f8 kernal update released yesterday. i ran into a problem with my ati prop driver as well, but that was fixed easily once i had the network going again(somehow it created a backup eth0 and eth1 on my previous kernal and didn't do anything on the new kernal) just a simple reinstall of ati prop driver and i was home free.

But.... being used to windows and installing security patches twice a day i was wondering when should the kernal be updated? every new release that comes out? wait for the next one and install the 1st update?

if i don't want it updated i just keep unchecking it in yum? or is there a way to prevent the kernal updates untill I want to upgrate?

thought i'd write a topic on this caus.

O wise linux wizzes, tell us noobs what to do.

show us the way of the terminal.

8th March 2008, 12:31 AM
It depends on your knowledge of the linux and what you need to update with the kernel. If say you are using a wireless network card and need the ndiswrapper module and are using the rpm releases then it is like so. When a kernel is updated and using say ndiswrapper rpm and a kmod rpm that contains the compiled module for that kernel then you want to make sure you have the new kmod for ndiswrapper that matches the new kernel. This one main reason you may need to wait a few days or so. It may take a while before the kmod for a module becomes available in the repos.