View Full Version : Compiz Water effect screen flicker on dual head

13th February 2008, 03:40 AM
Hello all. I've been having a problem with compiz and dual head. Whenever I try to start the rain effect or mouse wave, the entire screen acts strange. Sometimes it'll just turn everything dark and make the cube completely invisible, other times my screen will become a strobe for a minute or so. It's always unusable for the duration of the matter. I've been searching google and the compiz forums as well as here, but no luck.

When I switch to one monitor or even cloned output, it works just fine. I'm running it on an NVidia Geforce 8600 with the livna drivers, compiz version is 0.6.0 from the standard FC8 repo. Hopefully I just have some settings to tweak, but any advice would be appreciated.

PS. Does anyone know when version 0.7.0 will be packaged? 0.6.99 had some stuff I was missing, but I can't get it to work right.

Edit 2/13/08 9:53pm:
Well, I got 0.6.99 to work now, so that's all good, but this issue's still there.