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Sam Adams
23rd February 2004, 09:32 PM
I am a newb so sorry if this has been asked all ready :D

I am running Fedora Core 1 and I am trying to use Up2date. When I try to register, it comes up saying "Invalid combination, i686/OS." Then it tells me to go to www.redhat.com/now to register my copy of Fedora.......

If I try running up2date after that it tells me:

"The following system has been registered to your account in the past day, but could not be entitled to service. Please visit www.redhat.com/now to register your copy."

That web site is to activate ENTERPRISE Red Hat .....it asks me for a serial number but of course Fedora does not have a serial number to activate....I got it with Red Hat Linux Bible. Can anyone help me with this?? For now I am just using YUM on the servers to update but I would like to use up2date for the desktops.


23rd February 2004, 10:07 PM
For Fedora I suggest you use
http://www.fedoranews.org and check out items supplied by Thomas Chung.

You need to get access to a mirror site.
I suspect you can get around the RHN access where they seemed to have abandoned the Fedora users.

EDIT: Fixed URL.

Sam Adams
23rd February 2004, 10:08 PM
Thank you very much!