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30th January 2008, 12:12 AM
Works great on Suse 10.3, Windoze etc. I cannot get it to run on FC8. I have been scratching my dome for several days now (this is not good as I am going bald anyway, without Linux helping eh).

There is no recognition by the system that there is a zip drive, except that 'modprobe' sees it as 'scd' otherwise it is not present. Running Kernel

Can someone please help me get this installed, I have tried several 'howtos' from the web, but they don't seem to work on FC8.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have also done a search in the hardware forum.

thanks and regards Des Cavin :( :( :confused: :confused:

30th January 2008, 12:51 AM
May I add that since I posted I added the following to my 'fstab' file:

"/dev/sda4 /mnt/zip auto noauto,owner,kudzu 0 0"

I inserted a disk and rebooted. When I opend 'Kwikdisk' I now found the Zip drive there, but when I clicked it to open it the response was the sys asked for the FS type. What should I add ?? Perhaps 'vfat' or is that wrong ??
thanks DesC.................

30th January 2008, 03:39 AM
neato... I thought zip disks went the way of the Dodo after CDRW, DVDRW and Flash drives became mainstream. I once had an LS120 Superdrive which was cool cuz it could read both 1.44MB and 120MB disks.

Keep it real!

7th February 2008, 10:45 PM
Can someone whowrites proper English and not some coded version (jtang613 need not reply) help me, the fstab entry is still as above but I get the following error from 'DiskFree'
/bin/bash:ext3: command not found"

This software is tres difficile particularly if you're a hardware engineer.
regards and thanks DesC.............