View Full Version : changing video formats for mp4 player

26th January 2008, 09:03 AM
hello, I just recently bought an mp4 player and was looking for a program that would allow me to change my video formats to ones the player can use. particularly avi to amv. i could use mkv to amv or to mp4 as well. also i was wondering what i can do to make the file sizes smaller to save space. the mp4 play has a 1.8'' screen so am i able to make the file smaller without losing quality? im kinda new to this and since i need a program to start with i though my lovely fedora friends could perhaps help me out :-D

edit: actualy i just need amv, mp4 doesnt actualy work even though its called that ty

edit #2: after pain fully looking across the web i found this program from the following site wich is exactly what i need the problem is i cant get it to work the converter doesnt seem to work. i tried to join there forums wich told me i did but im unable to log in to them :-((( http://www.bytessence.com/bamvc.html i think the lib im missing is the Gtk2.x but i cant seem to find it in yum. any help would be much appreciated

edit #3: the win32 of the program i mentioned aboved works perfectly in wine. so anyone who needs the amv format should be able to use that program