View Full Version : Fedora 8 & fglrx (kmod)

23rd January 2008, 06:54 AM
Hey all.

I installed the ATi driver via yum (The kmod driver and everything) and I get a message when I boot, saying the fglrx.so or something like that file is not in the kernel or something like that and so I get defaulted to mesa for my OpenGL vendor.

Any clues on how to fix?

I'll get more info to help when I reboot.



26th January 2008, 02:45 PM
My apologies for the post before and how little information I gave.

My boot warning is something along the lines of this:
flgrx.ko not loaded in kernel
fglrx DRI will not be loaded.

I looked around the kernel files (Using kernel 2.6.23-9) or something I think (Latest in the Fedora 8 repo's as of the 27th January 08). I looked around and searched for the files I need in Fedora, in my Ubuntu install to help me get a better image of what I'm dealing with, and the whole DKMS folder within /lib/modules/2.6.*/ (I think that's the folder, not on my PC) doesn't exist as it does within my Ubuntu install.

Also, I tried building packages for the ATi release 8.01, and got an error there (sh ati* --buildpkg Fedora/F8 I think was the command, I got it right, I looked it up in --listpkg or what ever).