View Full Version : help !!! installing conexant usb adsl modem in fedora 8

22nd January 2008, 12:12 PM
hi..I use fedora 8 x86_64 with kernel version that's what the boot loader menu shows) and I'm new to this system..I have Prolink H9601 usb adsl modem and I couldn't get it work with fedora 8..When I searched the Internet I found severel posts telling about some kind of firmware file named CnxEtu.sys and they say to extract the firmware source from it using another file.. I can't continue the process cause I can't find the file contain firmware for my modem..there is no such file called CnxEtu.sys in the windows directory or in the driver cd came with the modem. I couldn't find the firmware file in the internet too..If you can please help me to get my modem work with fedora 8 x86_64..any help will be appreciated..thank you..

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