View Full Version : disk crash not logged?

22nd January 2008, 06:18 AM
Hi Guys

I am truly hoping someone can help me shed some light on this subject....

We have a server at the office with 2 X SCSI disks setup in RAID 1+0 config for the OS and then 6 X SCSI disks in Raid 5 for the DB.

a couple of weeks ago the primary disk on the RAID 1+0 config crashed thus leaving the OS running from the second drive.

I copied the log files for the week prior to the crash up until the day that the crash happened (did the copy of the log at the end of the day).

Since then I have replaced the disk and ti was rebuilt and have been studying the logs for the period of the crash as well as the one for when the rebuild was done.

However, the log files does not contain any records of the crash or the rebuild.

Is this possible? Do Linux log issues like this or can the reason for this be that it is set up as a hardware raid?

I would appreciate if someone can explain this to me.

Thank you.