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21st January 2008, 03:47 AM
I am currently using FC7 & 8. I have a Nokia N80. Would like to install the Nokia PC Suite Software for my phone. Any Nokia N80 PC Suite Software cater for Fedora's?

Thanx A Million.


21st January 2008, 05:16 AM
check this out ... it might help


21st January 2008, 10:19 AM
Hi Bradchaus,

Thanx a million. What is Gammu? Is it a software that replace PC Suite for Linux platform?

21st January 2008, 11:14 AM
follow the link i gave you

23rd June 2008, 08:17 AM
So I'm trying to solve this problem myself. I'm looking for Nokia PC Suite equivalent software to do the following:

(1) Sync phone number contacts (as opposed to email addresses, which I don't care about) between my computer and my phone. It would be great if I could sync vCard format, but I have my data in a CSV file for now, so any computer software that can read CSV/TSV/etc would be fine.

(2) Sync SMS, MMS, and EMS messages to my computer in some computer-readable format, preferably in as much plaintext as possible. Since most phones have a fixed number of max messages they can hold (usually like 1000 for SMS and whatever fills the ram for MMS), I want to be able to offload messages to my computer for permanent archiving, the kind of arching where I can read the data later even if I no longer have a [working] version of that phone.

(3) Support for Nokia N-series phones. Specifically, I have an N80 right now, but that won't last for long. Even better would be modular support for all major phone platforms: Symbian S60v3, Samsung's E900 platform (at least I think that's what they call it now - I have that on my Samsung SGH-P310 and SGH-E900 phones), Sony Ericsson, and of course [jailbroken] iPhones.

(4) A gui with "autodetect". Unfortunately every distro (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc) has different mount point naming schemes, which is further complicated by different connection methods: bluetooth (serial), true serial, USB (also serial, I guess), IrDA (serial? I see a pattern...). I want to plug my phone in through whatever method and have the software I'm running detect it as well as possible. Don't forget I want this to be a Gnome (or KDE if it HAS to be) app, not some cryptic command line stuff.

(5) I want to application to live somewhere in the Fedora repos. I do my best to stay away from manually installed software at this point, and that policy has served me well to date.

(6) I want this to be a "dedicated" aka "standalone" application, meaning I don't sync my contacts to some other program, like Evolution. Please god don't make me use Evolution.

I've run across various proposed software, but none of it seems to fulfill my wants, or even just plain old work for that matter!

For example, I've seen (in order from best to worst):

Gnokii - http://gnokii.org/ (command line tool, but there are at least 2 GUI on top of it).
Xgnokii - http://gnokii.org/screenshots.shtml (gui, installs, works kinda if you can manually configure your connection type)
Gnocky - http://www.gnokii.org/download/gnocky/ (command line manual-install-only, doesn't install for me due to a dependency error that happens to be incorrect since I have that dep installed).
Multisync - http://multisync.sourceforge.net/news.php I've been told this does what I want, and there is supposedly a MultiSync-GUI in Fedora 8, but that isn't updated into Fedora 9 yet so I can't test if that is true. I've also heard that Multisync changed names to OpenSync, but haven't verified that.
Synce-kpm - I've heard this has a SyncML plugin that will make it work for Nokia phones instead of the default PIMs. I've heard that for KPim too. I can't get either to work right.

4th September 2008, 11:34 PM
Im looking for a GUI to setup sync for my E71 with the features you have listed. Did you manage to get this working? If so, please share your experience here.

According to the Gnokii website my phone is not compatible with gnokii because it runs on Series 60 (S60) 3rd Edition operating system, which is based on Symbian version 9.1.

gnokii supports Symbian Series60 phones prior to 3rd Edition.

I can see that people have successfully synced similar phones from the CLI, the following link is a how to How-To synchronize Nokia N70, Palm, Evolution and Google Calendar? (http://geektalk.andreat.de/2006/11/how-to-syncronize-nokia-n70-palm.html)

5th September 2008, 02:05 AM
Unfortunately I got nowhere with this project. Shortly after the post my N80 started to very mysteriously die. I gave up and got an iPhone. After careful experimentation I discovered that most of the user data I care about seems to be stored using SQLite on the iPhone. Granted you can't get to those DBs without jailbreaking, but at least there is a fairly straightforward storage mechanism.

5th September 2008, 02:32 AM
Hi dsuchter,

Did you manage to successfully sync your iphone with F9 or any other distro you are using?

5th September 2008, 02:55 AM
Not yet. I've just been doing Apple approved iTunes syncing for now, but I do plan to attempt getting it to sync with Fedora at some point. Unfortunately I'm being somewhat blocked right now by:


5th September 2008, 07:34 AM

i havent exactly come across a PC suite.. Please read through this.. might help..