View Full Version : CrossLoop and logmein.com (wine) [help with either would be good]

20th January 2008, 12:52 AM

I am having trouble with two applications. I'll start with CrossLoop. this program worked excellent the first time I WINEd it. but then, it told me it had to download Gecko. and so I let it. once that was done - I tried starting it again, and got "Failed to load XML file:". informative? yes indeed. any help would be very appreciated.

the second thing is logmein.com. while I am able to connect to the win2k server we have at home just fine, I am not able to add my own computer to the "my computer" list. when I try to add it, a java thing appears, and tries to make everything work... but it doesn't. it just quits due to an "unexpected error". any help with this would be just as appreciated.

thanks heaps everyone - in advance.