View Full Version : microsoft optical desktop elite for bluetooth and f8

19th January 2008, 03:08 AM
linux newbie tryn to configure my bluetooth mouse and keyboard for stable use in fedora 8.

at first i was able to add the devices thru system> preferences> internet and network \> bluetooth preferences

kinda similar to what it would be in windows

didnt work it found the devices but they wouldnt work, mouse pointer would move for a second then stop.

i looked thru google as well as forums and was able to get them working good. i used the

hidd --search command and it connected to my devices and they work.

but upon reboot or if i try to switch from kde to gnome i lose the connection.

does anyone know what i could do to get it working even after a reboot or if i were to log ou of my session.


19th January 2008, 09:48 PM
how to i get it to load up auomatically ????