View Full Version : Media Card Reader on Dell XPS m1330, anyone got it to work?

17th January 2008, 06:18 PM

I have FC8 32bit installed on a Dell XPS m1330 with a multimedia card reader that I can't seem to get working with a Sony memory stick:

$ sudo /sbin/lspci
03:01.1 Generic system peripheral [0805]: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C822 SD/SDIO/MMC/MS/MSPro Host Adapter (rev 22)
03:01.2 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd Unknown device 0843 (rev 12)
03:01.3 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C592 Memory Stick Bus Host Adapter (rev 12)
03:01.4 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd xD-Picture Card Controller (rev 12)

So the system is seeing the hardware.

If I boot to Vista (leaving the system dual boot for a short time) it is able to read the card just fine. So that at least tells me that a) the card is supported and b) that the card isn't defective

Any suggestions? Thanks