View Full Version : System freezes when booting up with harddrive connected via Abit hotrod 66

16th January 2008, 01:07 PM

I have the ABIT Hotrod66 Adapter installed in my pc. When no harddrive is connected via this card, Fedora is booting normally, but when I connect one (or two) harddrives, I freezes while booting up. It says "Uncompressing Linux ...ok, Loading Red Hat Nash Version 6.xx"... and after that, nothing happens.

I tried to run the rescue cd with a harddrive connected via the abit hot rod 66 adapter and there it freezes when loading "pata_hpt366", so it seems, that the problem is with this driver.

Does anyone have a suggestion what I can do to get my system booting with the abit hotrod 66 adapter or where someone could help me?



17th January 2008, 08:26 AM

I did some experiments with the help of some guys in #fedora.
Unfortunately, we were not able to solve the problem.

First of all - turning acpi off didn't help.
Changing the disc order didn't help.
Trying to run "modprobe pata_hpt366" without any drives connected does work properly.

Acronis Disc Suite can access the two drives without problems. I formatted them, but that didn't helped either.

So, just to give you some feedback, about what didn't help.

Any suggestions are welcomed. :-)