View Full Version : Best inexpensive webcams for FC8 home security?

11th January 2008, 05:55 PM
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations about stable, foolproof webcams that I can use with Zone Minder as a home security system. I need a few weatherproof, low light ones, possibly wireless...and at least one that has high resolution -- enough for identifying someone if there's a problem. At the same time, I'm hoping for cams that aren't super expensive, too. I've checked out x10 but haven't seen any good info on whether they play nice with Linux. I could probably shell out $50-100 bucks on several and have one that's in the $200-300 range. Surely a few people out there have done similar things -- any tips, tricks, and suggestions? I'm pretty sure I can work out the software issues, but I'm really needing advice on what products work well out of the box, so that I don't have to try them and send them back if I find they're paperweights. Many thanks in advance for any help.

30th August 2013, 10:48 AM
First, don't post on a 5-year old thread. It's long dead. Second, I suspect that you'll soon attempt to drop some spam garbage on the Forum. As soon as you do, you'll be banned and reported so that your credentials are black-listed throughout the internet.

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