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11th May 2004, 10:24 AM
Name : tetex-font-kerkis
Version: 2.0
Release: 0.fdr.2
License: Distributable
URL : http://iris.math.aegean.gr/software/kerkis/Kerkis_for_LaTeX.html

This package contains the Kerkis type 1 fonts for LaTeX.

These fonts are particularly useful for typesetting Greek. The
Greek repertoire includes full support for polytonic Greek, Greek
numerals, and double forms of several letters that occur in variant

The Latin part of the font comprise old style numbers, accented Latin
characters and common ligatures (including frequently omitted
ligatures such as "fj").

Please see the file "License.html" for details on the use of this font.

* Wed May 05 2004 Marius L. Jøhndal <mariuslj at ifi.uio.no> - 0:2.0-0..fdr.2

- Added kerkis-test.tex test document (bug 998).
- Moved preun script to postun (bug 998).
- Split Requires(post,postun) into separate Require statements (bug 998).

* Sun Nov 16 2003 Marius L. Johndal <mariuslj at ifi.uio.no> 0:2.0-0.fdr.1

- Initial RPM release.